tjgoldstein (tjgoldstein) wrote in savagezeppo,

Hi all,

I know you all thought I was dead but I'm not... so there!

Thanks to me deferring my University this semester, I have actually managed to find the will to write again. Amazing how academic writing crushes the will to write creatively.

Anyhow, I have just finished a story! Whoo... and below, are a couple of lines.

"The Aurelias 'speciality' mate, was breakin' in the straight boys."

"Yeah Mate, we *are* that good."

"Now me, that'd be a whole new set o' figures. Look at me. Fuckin' walking sex on legs I am. No friggin' doubt about it, I'm the sexiest bloody thing in Sunnydale. Man or Vampire. You know it boy, look at me when I speak to you! Now, as I was sayin', Angelus and that other wanker, Penn, couldn't hold a candle to what I could do let loose among the pigeons. Those two, compared to me, couldn't have found a shag in a brothel."

"Oh Luv, look at you. All large eyes and tears. What they for, sweets, them tears? You think I'm gonna hurt you?"

"Never would hurt a hair on yer head. No, listen to me. *Never* do nothin' you didn't want me to do to you."

This part is about the middle. And I shall have the story ready for Beta tomorrow night. :)

So, hopefully, it should be out and proud in the next 2-3 days.
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ditto - this is awesome