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Immortal Knight Chapter Six ~ Knight and Death

Pairing: xangel, xethos, threesome
Rating: NC17
Feedback: always welcome
Concrit much appreciated and possibly needed
Disclaimer: Anything you recognise is owned by some big scary corporation, if it seems original, then it’s mine
Warnings/Squicks: character death, light BDSM, slash(well duh), violence
Beta(s): don’t have one
Authors Notes: This is a Highlander/BTVS/Ats crossover, my knowledge of highlander is a little sketchy as they only showed a couple of seasons on terrestrial tv here in the UK, so I maybe drawing on fanon more than canon. Post chosen and mid season 5 Ats.
This chapter is going to be a series of scenes covering all the important things that happened during Xander’s time training with Methos. I’m not going to cover the whole six months in detail, as I figure nobody wants to read about all the sword waving and sit-ups. But I will try to convey the changes Xander goes through, and his relationship with Methos.

I know some people have said that being immortal would mean that Xander’s eye would have come back, but this is my world and I’m making it so it didn’t. I think that immortals can heal any wound but I never saw one regenerate a missing body part, (like when Xavier St Cloud had his hand cut off) and I think that Caleb actually destroyed the eye, so it wouldn’t grow back.

Previous chapters can be found here

Knight And Death
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